Monday, September 19, 2011

The Volt Cover Charge

Time for a little nitpick.

About half the time, when I remove the charging plug, I forget to close the cover. Then I get in the Volt and drive away, and get at least half a mile before I notice the little message on the driver's console that tells me it's open. And then I have to pull over and close it.

IMHO when the cover is open and you power up the Volt, that warning message (and probably others) should be significantly more prominent. Best of all would be a spoken audio alert.

I humbly suggest giving Volt owners several choices for audio chastisement. For example:

Hal 9000: You need to close the charge bay doors, Dave.

Bender: Hey meatbag, guess which moron forgot to do something? That's right, it's you! And don't expect me to tell you what it was, either!

The Terminator: You'll be back... after you close the charge door.

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