Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tight Fitting Pockets

The Volt has two nice-looking pockets on the back of the front seats. Unfortunately, nice-looking does not equate to useful.

The problem is that the pockets are so tight that you can barely fit anything in them. While they are the perfect size to stow an iPad, the fit is snug that I'd be concerned that any flexing of the seat would damage the tablet. And it takes two hands to worm and iPad back out of the pocket.

This latter is a concern because a major use I'd have for the pockets would be to reach over from the driver's seat and slot my iPad into the pocket on the passenger-side seat when I want to get it out of sight (such as when I pop into a store). As things stand, I can't do that.

The pockets would be much more useful if they had a fanfold that let them expand a bit, as well as some velcro (maybe on a top flap) to keep them tight when needed.

The optional stowage bag (recommended!) that goes between the two rear seats is big enough to hold an iPad if you put it in on an angle, but it's out of reach from the driver's seat. Pity.

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